Yoga Dasari, Former PGY-1, Class of 2021

“My first experience with St. John’s Riverside Hospital was during my ambulatory medicine rotation during fourth year of medical school. The first thing I noticed was that the residents were all genuinely happy and nice and I felt very welcomed by both faculty and staff during my rotation. This motivated me to apply here for my preliminary year. My preliminary year experience so far has reaffirmed the experiences I had as a medical student. Starting residency is a huge transition and I’ve felt so much support from my senior residents, administrators, and faculty to help make the transition smoother. I do not feel that I am treated differently as a preliminary resident. Instead, everyone has me feel a part of the St. John’s family since day one.”

Anish Thomas, PGY-3


“Growing up in Westchester, I always pictured myself one day working as a physician in the area. I wanted to serve the community of Yonkers specifically because of its great diversity and culture. A residency at St John’s Riverside Hospital is where my journey to achieving this goal began. The best part of any journey is not only the destination, but also the lifelong friends and family you make along the way. St. John’s includes all the didactic activities, research opportunities and quality education I was looking for in a robust residency program.

With all this, the program also allowed us time to socialize outside of the hospital and and make the most of residency life. The residents regularly organize social gatherings, group dinners as well as wellness events and holiday parties.

Being a small program of only 30 residents allows each person to develop a strong relationship with our extraordinary teaching attendings and mentors. The faculty here really care about us and are fully invested in helping us reach our goals, both in and out of the hospital. These individuals played a unique role in our lives to help us be the best we can be and to tackle the worst we may come across.”

Hillary Grainer, Former PGY-3, Class of 2021


“Being a resident at St. John’s for the last two and a half almost three years has been a wonderful experience. This being a smaller residency program has really allotted me such opportunities to form very strong bonds with all of my fellow co-residents, administration and even my attendings. There is such a great sense of camaraderie amongst everyone, so much so that I consider my co-residents almost like my second family. Since the only two residency programs here are internal medicine and emergency medicine, the residents here truly get a very hands-on clinical training experience that one would not get at a larger institution with more fellows and attendings present on-site. Being part of the wellness committee, we really strive to achieve a work-life balance for our residents and I think we truly succeed. I have found that most if not all of the administration and attending physicians have been so approachable and provide great wisdom which has made my residency experience that much smoother. I am grateful to have matched and gone through my training here and will truly miss everyone when I graduate!”