The Andrus Pavilion is the flagship site for St. John’s Riverside. Located on the Hudson river, Andrus has been providing quality health care to the diverse communities of Yonkers and Southern Westchester since 1869. This 150 bed hospital also houses general and specialized operating rooms as well as a 16 bed ICU, a 34 bed emergency department, hyperbaric oxygen treatment center, wound care center and oncology infusion center.

Andrus Pavilion also houses the Cochran School of nursing, a two year nursing program providing an educational foundation that identifies the healthcare needs of the diverse communities which St. John’s serves.

Residents will rotate through our medical floors, our telemetry floors, our ICU and our emergency department. Residents will also have the opportunity to rotate through many of our specialized centers in addition to participating in elective inpatient rotations across various disciplines.

The Dobbs Ferry Pavilion is a 12 bed hospital and ambulatory surgery center serving the community members and nursing home residents of the river towns. The facility houses multiple operating rooms in both general and specialized surgery and a 911 responding emergency department.

Residents will have the opportunity to rotate through Dobbs Ferry Pavilion’s emergency department as well as our specialized surgery and radiation oncology departments.

The Park Care Pavilion is located in downtown Yonkers and provides medical, behavioral and substance abuse treatment to the community. Our team cares for the most vulnerable members of our community, including those living with HIV/AIDS and those battling addiction. This unique experience will help prepare future generations of physicians to recognize, understand, and treat substance abuse disorders.

Our specialized staff provides education, promotes health literacy and encourages preventive health practices to effectively impact upon the health conditions and status of the community.

Our residents rotate though several services including:

Alcoholism Treatment and Training Center and Behavioral Health Services – The Behavioral Health Services Department is a comprehensive and multifaceted service delivery network providing a full continuum of care for those seeking chemical dependency treatment. The department offers inpatient detoxification and rehabilitation services as well as outpatient counseling and treatment for those recovering from chemical dependency.

The HOPE (Healthcare Opportunities Provided with Excellence) Center is dedicated to providing comprehensive care in a compassionate, professional, respectful and ethical manner to every HIV-infected patient and his or her family in Southern Westchester County.

Our Boyce Thompson building is the newest addition to our system, conveniently located in close proximity to Andrus Pavilion. Opened in 2017, this modern facility houses both our resident Continuity Clinic and the general and specialty practices of St. John’s Medical Group.

Each of our categorical internal medicine residents are required to spend one morning or afternoon session, the same day each week in the continuity clinic over the course of their three years. Along with the continuity clinic, a group of our sub-specialist offices are located in the building, providing an opportunity for elective experience while maximizing resident support and interdisciplinary healthcare.

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